Our Creed
Premium Hair Products for the Modern Man

Founded by three childhood friends, Forge Hairscape is a men's grooming product company. Carson, Kyle, and Bradley went to elementary school together and remained friends through college. They were tired of cheap hair products and corporate brands pretending to be down to earth, so they came together – a chemist, a designer, and a salesman – to make their own line of grooming products. Forge Hairscape uses the highest-quality ingredients and manufacturing techniques to produce water-based hair-styling products and all-natural beard grooming products.

We follow the creed of the blacksmith. Overshadowed by the brute force of smashing metal, attention to detail is king when the blacksmith is at his forge. We believe hair is a craft. As the smith needs his hammer and anvil to shape steel, a man must have the right tools to shape his hair to perfection. Our products are meticulously crafted, tested, and refined to give you the flexibility you need to look and feel your best. At Forge Hairscape, we want to help you master your craft.

Our Team

Carson Perreault
Founder & CEO
Kyle Black
Founder & Lead Chemist
Bradley McMurtrey
Director of Business Development