Matte Paste

$ 24.00 USD
$ 17.99 USD

The Matte Paste was our first product and is still our most popular. When you work this product into your hair you immediately feel the softness that it brings to your hair. Combine that with a lasting, medium hold, and low shine, and you're sure to turn heads.

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Super ingredients:
  • Lanolin Wax – Lanolin Wax is a natural wax produced by sheep's wool. Lanolin wax forms a natural water barrier that traps moisture and combats dry, itchy scalp. And no sheep are harmed, as the wax is simply extracted from the wool after their annual shearing!
  • Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) As a natural antioxidant, Vitamin E can help tackle oxidative stress by tying up free radicals that damage hair follicles. It also helps preserve the natural protective lipid layer present on your scalp. With Vitamin E you won’t need to worry about your hair's health.